If it's got to do with Business Marketing Strategies,

I'm your guy.

I'm Kasper, your Digital Leader and Experience Architect.


Who am I?

Investing in a MarTech stack like Adobe, won't cause your ROI to skyrocket or generate a fantastic Omnichannel experience for your customers...

Unless you understand all the ins and outs of the integrations, as well as the limitations within the Adobe Experience Cloud.

That’s where my 10 years of experience will benefit you. I started with Adobe Analytics when I joined Omniture back in 2008 and Adobe Analytics had the name, SiteCatalyst. I became the Analytics Practice Lead for the Nordic region and later started consulting on Adobe Target (formerly known as Test&Target).

After having had my hands in more than 200 deployments of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, running several optimization programs across pretty much every vertical, I joined Adobe’s Proof of Concept team. As the team is based out of the US, it allowed me to support international brands.

With the rebranding of the Marketing Cloud to the Experience Cloud and running POCs across all solutions, I realized that it was important to be able to understand how all solutions play together. I quickly became the go-to person in the region, as a Multi Solution Architect (MSA).

As an MSA, I’ve presented several times during Adobe Summit in London – presentations that have been focused on either Adobe Target or the benefit of the integrations of the solutions.
I developed internal training programs for the POCs offshore support team, based out of Noida.

The last 2 years of my time in Adobe, I was managing an international team of 5-7 people, being responsible for all POCs executed in EMEA and JAPAC. Developing, analyzing and optimizing the POC offering to ‘customers’ (internal Adobe sales).

Today I’m with Adobe Partner, eCapacity, where I lead Adobe implementation and integration practices, helping clients across all platforms derive the greatest possible value from their investment in Adobe.



I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford, United Kingdom. When I returned I started as a Webdesigner for a small agency. After about a year, spending all day in Photoshop, I was promoted to Manager for designers in Sweden and played a key role in starting and growing the Swedish office.

Throughout all the years, I’ve had several minor to bigger projects running on the side. Everything from affiliate sites to selling digital products and developing iOS apps. These days only a handfull of the projects are still live – but all of them have helped me build knowledge around Online Marketing Strategies, which I can apply and use when working with my clients.


Digital Product

Det Perfekte CV

Online sale of resume templates. Started as a competition between friends, to see who could create a site and generate the highest income after 6 months. Needless to say I won ;). It generates 1K unique visitors every month purely from organic SEO.

iOS App

Babyname app

We are 4 friends who created the brand, BabyCorp, which we use as an excuse to hang out and eat (a lot of) cake. One of the results is an iOS app that helps new parents find the name for their baby. At some point it was ranked as #2 in the Lifestyle category.

Review Site

Din Institution

Another output from BabyCorp is, Din Institution. A review site of daycares in Denmark. Allowing parents to review and rate their daycare, helping other parents to make a smarter choice.